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The DotConnectAfrica Global Strategic Advisory Leadership Group are comprised of technology analysts, visionaries, Internet domain industry experts, entrepreneurs, business executives and leaders in various sectors and walks of life


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DotConnectAfrica Trust is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organization that is based in Nairobi Kenya Reg.ID CT8710DCA90 , and its main charitable objects are: (a) for the advancement of education in information


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To realize that DotAfrica (.africa) domain name will be useful for branding of products and services to the enormous benefit of organizations and individuals that have an enduring stake in Africa thereby providing a very unique African


DotConnectAfrica ...Connecting the dots in Africa ...Bridging the Digital Divide


DotConnectAfrica as a concerned stakeholder in the global Internet governance sector and a strong supporter of ICT development in African continent regularly submits recommendations, positions, comments and suggestions to developing cases and policies. All DCA's contribution have been published here


Here in our correspondence page, we have published letters, key communications, messages and other news items relevant to DotConnectAfrica to ICANN, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), US Congress, National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA), Africa Union (AU), Corporate Council for Africa (CCA) and Internet Society (ISOC). Read all communications here

DCA Vs. ICANN IRP This page collects Records and Communications of the Independent Review Process (ICDR No. 50 117 T 1083 13) DCA Vs. ICANN See more here

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Here in our archives, you will find published documents, Newsletters,Campaign letters, Key communications, messages and other news items relevant to DotConnectAfrica.

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